We at Salein.pk will always work hard to solve any problem you might have with one of our products. We have an in-house certified technical team working on your products round the clock at our Lahore aoffice. We offer a one-year limited warranty on Brand New Mobile Phones and other products at Salein.pk whose invoice has a order number mentioned as that is used to claim warranty with us.

All Brand New Mobiles Phones being sold at Salein.pk can be bought with or without warranty and the one under 1 Year HSN Mobiles Service Warranty shall cover the "Software" & "Hardware" faults the unit develops in the corse of usage of your phone during the first year.

We in no way replace your phone in case your phone malfunctions and this warranty is only covering repairs cost which is labour cost to repair the phones. If any components are needed to be applied all costs are translated to the client before applying any fix and if the client agrees only then we proceed. The labor cost aspect of the job is totally covered from HSN's end when the phone is bought with our yearlong warranty plan.

Salein.pk keeps the right to disapprove any warranty claims based on things like if the product is damaged, altered or modified as a result of misuse, abuse, or attempted repair or customer re-work. If the product is unable to be repaired under the service warranty then no replacement unit would be issued as it includes repairs only.

Dead Phones are not covered under HSN Repairs warranty but however an attempt is made to recover the phone and if the unit can not be repaired then no replacements shall be given to compensate the loss as this is merely a repairs warranty given to you at a extremely reasonable price so you save thousands in repair jobs in case that you may have to face any in the corse of your usage.